Website creation - Why hire me?

Website creation
– Why hire me?

I have been building WordPress sites for ages.

I know what to ask and ask for to create a website you dreamed about - or even more beautiful.

I am a marketing specialist and a graphic designer.

I know how a website should look like, the specifications of corporate identity and the importance of a CTA block.

I hold lectures about SEO within my training courses and at several Hungarian universities.

You can trust me to work by the rules of SEO and in my useful advice.

I know the template I work with really well. I tried some before and chose mine in purpose.

All the sites in the references section are built in it. I won't limit you with the rigid boundaries of a low-grade template, and it is also up-to-date, so with regular updates, safe.


Things you should be aware of before buying a new website


Whether a unique development, or a website from template, updating it from time to time is a must. Neglecting it your site will break eventually, newer browser versions won't be able to display it correctly.


A good template holds no limits, a bad one does. Furthermore, the most important details are the last date of update and the number of purchases. The more people use the template, the more maintained it is, so this way it can give a modern and safe base to the website.


First, we will search for websites based on your ideas, corporate identity, and pictures. Then I put together a beta version we work on after this. The other option is you sending me a pdf I replicate on the internet, making it responsive.


Beyond that WordPress is an SEO friendly environment, I pay attention to not make any relevant SEO mistakes. SEO is one of my key fields. The core elements of the package are: optimizing the pictures, creating a semantically optimal structure, URL redirection, metadata filling. SEO consultation is available too, as an additional service.


Pictures make the look of the website, so I need to get the ones with the right atmosphere as well as quality. If you don’t have them, I need to work with stock images which are quite good, but impersonal. It is always a good investment to pay for a professional photographer.


Wordpress is an environment that has everything in it for good user experience. I can help to build a logical and usable structure with CTA blocks and contact forms and make it easy for your users to connect with you.

Written content

However you give me the content I will help you with structure ideas and keyword-rich headings. I usually use lorem ipsum sentences too, so you will know how much material you need to write. You can also hire me to write your content. (Only available in English and Hungarian).


To prevent any possible hacker attacks WordPress releases new updates a few times a year, so does quality themes. Additionally, installing only secure plugins is suggested. If we follow these rules, your website will be safe.

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