• Simon Lilla
    At long last, someone understands me! Dorina has a deep understanding of the brand and the mission.
    Lilla Simon
    Simon Home & Hotel Ltd., Owner, CEO
  • She is fast, agile and knows the solution for every problem. Her knowledge is remarkable despite her young age. She has a holistic perspective on the online sphere, thus she is capable of coming up with the best current solutions for a specific issue.
    Szilvia Pázmándy
    Eventrend Hotels, Sales and Marketing Director
  • We are working together for one and a half years. Dorina provides quick, creative, efficient, and up-to-date solutions. Being a team player is highly valued for us because we must synchronize a lot of people's work even in the field of marketing.
    István Bottyán
    Csónakázótó Ltd., CEO
  • Iványi Tamás
    Through her courses, not only broad knowledge can be seen, but she is always up to date, too. It is necessary when you work in a field like online marketing. Educating her clients is in her main focus. She is capable of sharing her knowledge in a clear, understandable way and based upon great amount of personal experiences.
    Tamás Iványi
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Lecturer
  • Nell Béla
    Dorina is careful, agile, accurate, and efficient.
    Béla Nell
    Magna Catering Ltd.., CZNL Szolgáltató Ltd., CEO
  • Katalin Vojánszki
    "Dorina, thank you for your existence."
    Katalin Vojánszki
    Concession Holding, Marketing Director
  • Valenta Zsolt
    "Kati, Dorina was one of your best decisions." (Kati = Vojánszki Katalin, Marketing Director at Concession Holding)




About me

Rational till the end, but with a feminine empathy. I paint and played chess competitively.

These two styles are far from each other. However, this is the key to all my success stories. My clients need not only my analytic thinking and consciously built campaigns but efficient, fluent communication too.

It is important for me to know the person I work with because of their style, thoughts, and plans need to be developed and materialized. Especially when you work with micro-companies where the owner's and the brand's personality is inseparable. Without empathy, the website or content marketing will be dissonant, and the client won't be able to identify with it, and that can cause harm in the long term.

Business divisions

I handle the topics of SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, pop up, analytics, and website creation in a daily basis. You can be sure I won't be irresponsible with your money or give bad advice, but prepare that if I don't believe in your idea under certain circumstances, I will tell it into your eyes. However, for now, I only work on website creation internationally.


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